REVIEW: Civil War #4

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writers: Charles Soule
Artist: Lenil Francis Yu & Gerry Alanguilan
Colourist: Sunny Gho
Release date: OUT NOW!
Price: $3.99/ Digital $1.99

Civil War #4 Marvel Comics

Civil War #4
Marvel Comics

If you’ve been following Marvel’s Secret Wars event you already know how the entire multiverse has been reduced to Battleworld, ruled by Dr. Doom, equipped with god-like power. The five-issue Civil War mini-series focuses on the struggle between the Blue Nation led by Captain America and the Red ruled by Tony Stark.

Investigating the murder of Miriam Sharpe (better known as the lobbyist who spearheaded the Superhero Registration Act) Iron Man sends She-Hulk into the Blue. However, She-Hulk is captured by the Black Panther, presumed dead, Tony goes after her personally. Meanwhile Cap has launched a major military assault against its neighbour, including a secret plan to shut down all super powers.

Eternal soldier Captain America is not loving it: “There is no such thing as a just war. But there are, sometimes, necessary ones,” the good Captain tells his troops. And with that statement the story goes deeper. “But the Iron thinks we are a nuisance. An obstacle to their plans to expand their territory,” he adds, reflecting current events in the Middle East, especially the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Lenil Francis Yu’s and Gerry Alanguilan stylish art makes Cap look larger than life and Iron Man’s battle scenes graceful. Half the details are dark shadows and thick ink lines, creating contrasts that work well with Sunny Gho’s colouring.

Although Civil War #4 may not be a must-have book for the Secret Wars mini-series, Civil War #4 is an interesting story line handled well in the traditional Marvel style, making it, oh true believer, worth a look.


Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker


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