REVIEW: The Empty #6

Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jimmie Robinson
Artist: Jimmie Robinson
Colourist: Jimmie Robinson
Release date: OUT NOW!
Price: $3.99

The Empty #6 Image Comics

The Empty #6
Image Comics

As The Empty mini-series concludes, the three travellers Lila, Tanoor and Ghark and the theme of technology’s encroachment on nature, is brought to a head when the source of the land-killing poison is revealed.

Unfortunately, in The Empty #6, they can’t understand the explanations given by the hologram of Dr. Amanda Shane, head of the Department of Dark Matter Energy and the last—barely—living human. And the irony is the technological Shane seems unable to understand the plight of the natural travellers.

According to Shane, dark energy is the secret to life and more than seven thousand years earlier mankind learned to manipulate it to become gods who could create anything. But after conquering hunger and disease overpopulation reared its head. While researching terraforming a new planet for humans to occupy the technology got away from them.

Eventually, in The Empty #6, nature and technology finally cooperate as the trio and Shane agrees that her machine must be stopped so Earth can regain balance. But it’s not without a price.

Shane’s computer disagrees with the plan since it will kill her, but the scientist can’t explain to the machine her one hundred and eighty degree turn. “I know, computer. It’s a human thing. You wouldn’t understand.” As the last human Shane represents mankind’s ultimate technological truth: that science alone is not enough to help humanity, and that uncontrolled it may be more dangerous than nature.

The one man creative team on The Empty #6, Jimmie Robinson artwork is consistently attractive through the entire series and fits the poetry presented. And bravo, Jimmie Robinson, for creating a comic series that is both thoughtfully written and beautiful drawn.


Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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