REVIEW: The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Dan Slott
Artists: Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith

Editor: Nick Lowe
Release date: OUT NOW!
Price: $5.99

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Marvel Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man #1
Marvel Comics

In the oversized Amazing Spider-Man #1 Peter Parker turns into Steve Jobs (or Tony Stark), but with more baggage. The first panel sets the tone when Peter says: “With great power…comes greater speed, storage, and battery life.” He calls his business attire his “real power suit.”

But fear not, The Amazing Spider-Man #1 is not a boardroom drama. It is Spidey-action all the way, as the web-slinger is in Hong Kong chasing Zodiac members and showing off his new toys, including the improved Spider-Mobile. The media call Peter Parker a poor man’s Tony Stark with web-head acting as Parker’s “bodyguard”. But Spider-Man has help from the former Prowler Hobie Brown acting as Spidey’s body double back in New York. His jokes are even worse than Peter’s.

It’s not all fun and games in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 though. At a time of debate regarding income inequality and CEO salaries, not to mention business ethics in general, Peter Parker promises to do the right thing, capping his salary at middle-management level. See, capitalism with morals; it is the only way forward.

The backup stories set up several new Spidey series. Peter David’s “The Last Time” featuring Spider-Man 2099, Spidey offers future Spicer-Man, Miguel Rodriquez, a job. The Silk backup leaves you wondering is she a good Spidey or a bad Spidey? The Spider-Woman story features a pregnant Jessica Drew proving you don’t mess with baby on board, as she takes down White Rabbit, Walrus and Goldbug. The Web Warriors (Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir, William Braddock and Pavitr Prabhakar) are kicking 1602 butt against the Sinister Sextet.

Amazing Spider-Man #1 has everything you expect from our favorite web-slinger(s). It’s fun, full of, action, good characters, social messaging and stupid humour. It’s also a good launch point for both newcomers and veteran Spider-Man readers. Arachnids Assemble!


Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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