Review: Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 Haunted

Producer: The CW
Writers: Brian Ford Sullivan, Oscar Balderrama

Director: John Bamford
Featuring: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Emily Bett Rickards, Paul Blackthorne, Neal McDonough, Matt Ryan, Caity Lotz
Release date: USA: OUT NOW! UK: SKY 1

Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 Haunted The CW

Arrow Season 4 Episode 5 Haunted
The CW


If, like me, a fan, facing heavy disappointment when the Constantine TV series got cancelled after one season can get their superhero groove back now that the DC/Vertigo hero is officially part of the CW TV universe. Ironically Constantine (Matt Ryan) is far and away the most interesting thing this episode.

In a flashback we learn Oliver Queen met the cigarette smoking Brit magician Constantine back on the island where Oliver returned, thanks to spooky spy chief Amanda Waller. Ryan steals every scene.

The excuse for bringing Constantine into the story is to restore Sara Lance’s (Caity Lotz) soul to her body after she was Lazarus Pit-ted back from the dead. Without said soul Sara is on a mindless mission to kill Thea (Willa Holland), even if Sara’s motive is unintelligible. “You know, if I knew you were surrounded by so many pretty girls, Oliver, I would have stopped by sooner,” Constantine says in true form.

The other best part of the episode is heavy Damian Darque (Neal McDonough), and his smug, supercilious attitude. “Are you sticking around for a cupcake or something?” he asks Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne).

This season of Arrow and the new smiley Oliver is moving at a brisk pace. But when the guest is more interesting than the hero, the writers may want to reexamine their approach. Still, if like me you appreciate the effort, you will continue watching Arrow.

Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Review Editor: Steve Hooker

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