REVIEW: X-Men #600

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Sara Pichelli, Mahmud Asrar, Stuart Immonen, Kris Anka, Chris Bachalo, David Marquez, Frazer Irving
Colourists: Marte Gracia, Jason Keith

Editors: Mike Marts, Mike Paniccia
Release date: OUT NOW!!
Price: $5.99

X-Men #600 Marvel Comics

X-Men #600
Marvel Comics

Put a mutated fork in Brian Michael Bendis, he’s done writing X-Men. His tenure threw the X-world into chaos, and in X-Men #600 a few loose ends are tied up but more are created.

X-Men #600 begins with Hank McCoy/Beast. After all, Hank was the architect of some of the team’s major troubles, most notably bringing the Silver Age X-Men into the present day. But Hank’s having none of it, deflecting all accusations from his teammates, blaming others and claiming they’re too stupid to understand. Even his younger self is offended. Ultimately Hank storms out in anger and leaves the team.

Along the way the original time-displaced X-Men break up, Peter Rasputin/Colossus is reunited with his sister Illyana/Magik, Bobby Drake/Iceman comes to grips with his homosexuality, Jean Grey/Marvel Girl and teenage Hank hook up and Scott Summers/Cyclops returns.

Scott now realizes the mutant revolution he’s fomented need not be violent, but spiritual. For a moment at least almost all the mutants are united, crowding along the U.S. Capitol steps. “Isn’t it beautiful?” Scott says. Even Erik Lensher/Magneto approves. “Charles Xavier would have loved this,” he tells Scott in an emotional moment.

Art chores are divided among several X-Men artists with only a few weak panels evident. And there’s a solo Iceman backup story that has a Bronze Age feel. Which is never a bad thing.

Endings are powerful and Bendis has done credit to his team, both fictional and creative, by capping his X-Men run in a thoughtful way. For the future, even time travellers can’t see it clearly, but fans will look forward to the team’s return.

Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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