REVIEW: All-New X-Men #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Dennis Hopeless
Artists: Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy
Colourist: Nolan Woodward

Editor: Daniel Ketchum
Release Date: OUT NOW
Price: $3.99

All-New X-Men #1 Marvel Comics

All-New X-Men #1
Marvel Comics

At a time in United States where Islamaphobia seems to be reaching fascist proportions, the travails of the X-Men seem more relevant now than ever. Thus the mutants are trying to find a role in a society that hates and fears them, and some of the X-Men are finding their way better than others.

Having the hardest time is Silver Age Scott Summers/Cyclops, who was dragged into the present day along with his teammates. He’s disappeared from the radar and won’t answer his emails. Scott’s in Chicago, tracking down the so-called “Ghosts of Cyclops”, a gang of mutant thugs.

Having an easier time are Bobby Drake/Iceman, now ensconced in mutant-friendly Austin, Texas; along with Hank McCoy/Beast; and Warren Worthington/Angel, now dating Laura Kinney/Wolverine. This group teams up with Idie Oknokwo and Kid Apocalypse.

Thankfully All-New X-Men #1 does not overdo the bigotry theme, but focuses instead on how each original X-Men member copes with their predicament. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any action, and the fight scenes are satisfying.

Art chores by Mark Bagley, Andrew Hennessy and colourist Nolan Woodward really hit the mark, well-crafted and with an experienced story-telling technique. Likewise, the inking is tight and the coloring subtle and effective.

All-New X-Men #1 is off to a good start, and may invite new readers to jump into the gene pool that is all things X-Men.


Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker


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