REVIEW: Conan The Avenger #22

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Artist: Brian Ching
Editor: Aaron Walker
Release Date: 27 January 2016
Price: $3.50

Conan The Avenger #22 Dark Horse Comics

Conan The Avenger #22
Dark Horse Comics

Conan The Avenger #22 unfolds Part 3 of ‘A Witch Shall be Born’ , the story picks up after Conan has fallen foul of the witch Salome and has been crucified and left to die in the desert for his efforts. And you think you’ve had a bad day!

Frying pans and fire come to mind as everyone’s favourite Cimmerian is rescued, if that’s the right word, by Olgerd Vladislav, chieftain of the Zuagir. Meanwhile, the salacious Salome, twin sister of the virtuous Queen Taramis, has taken her place and whiles away her time with orgies, idolatry and afternoon bingo sessions. Okay, not that last one, but she’s basically trashing her sister’s rep and the courts are following her lead.

Much of Conan The Avenger #22 is taken up with reports of Salome’s wickedness but you just know that Conan isn’t going to take the witch’s actions lying down and the whole of Conan The Avenger #22 seems to be a set-up for some top flight barbarian action next issue. A sort lull before the storm

In Conan The Avenger #22, side-lining your lead character for pretty much an entire issue is a bold move and one that could leave the reader feeling a little bit short-changed, but Conan is such a well-known brand all can just about be forgiven. As long as Conan’s in the thick of the action next time.



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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