REVIEW: New Avengers #5

Publishers: Marvel Comics
Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: Gerardo Sandoval
Colourist: Dono Sánchez Almara

Editors: Tom Belvoort, Will Moss
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Price: $3.99

New Avengers #5 Marvel Comics

New Avengers #5
Marvel Comics

Marvel introduces the first new heroes of the post-Secret War multiverse, and it’s the Avengers 20XX. But they don’t last long against Demiurge, the future Wiccan after he was infected by the Lovecraftian elder god Moridun.

Without warning New Avengers #5 throws us “XX” years into the future, Reality-controlling Demiurge has just killed Thor Odinson and he’s not finished yet. Besides the Asgardian, the team facing him includes Captain America (Luke Cage’s daughter), Collapsar (a Nova Ant-Man), Iron Mariner (metal-clad merman), King Hulk (formerly Hulkling), Madame Natasha, Namorina (Sub-Mariner’s daughter?), Marvel Woman and the Vision.

The future heroes escape through time to encounter the modern-day Avengers. Meanwhile Moridun’s infection of Wiccan in the present has begun to blossom, and he wants to destroy the Avengers 20XX. But you’ll hope Wiccan doesn’t succeed, since this group is intriguing.

Artist Gerardo Sandoval and colorist Donald Sánchez Almara continue their high standards, and New Avengers #5 is a visual pleasure. The series has hit a sweet spot, with interesting and likeable characters and engaging plotlines. Assemble more issues, please.



Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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