REVIEW: Spider-Man 2099 #7

Publisher: Marvel
Writer: Peter David
Artist: Will Sliney
Colourists: Rachelle Rosenberg, Wil Quintana

Editor: Devin Lewis
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Price: $3.99

Spider-Man 2099 #7 Marvel Comics

Spider-Man 2099 #7
Marvel Comics

The new Marvel universe melting pot includes Miguel O’Hara/Spider-Man 2099, living in the present day and working for, who else? Peter Parker. Miguel studies how mutants exposed to Inhuman Terrigen gas are dying even as new Inhumans manifest themselves. After a gas sample infects scientist Rhonda, turning her Inhuman, Rhonda decides she is a god.

For Spider-Man 2099 #7, the psychological impact of a normal person gaining god-like powers is a classic theme, and one can feel Miguel’s frustration in trying to understand Rhonda. “There’s no such thing as gods,” he tells the new Inhuman, who has without a hint of self-consciousness given herself the pretentious name Glorianna. “Thor would likely disagree,” she answers, confusing power with wisdom.

Will Sliney’s art flows from the intimate to grand in Spider-Man 2099 #7 without missing a beat. The interior cathedral panels are especially effective on the eye. Colourist’s Rachelle Rosenberg and Wil Quintana balance light and dark, like Spider-Man’s purple shading contrasting with Glorianna’s bright orange. 

Spider-Man 2099 #7  was a monster-of-the-month story and the kind that makes you think about the protagonist’s humanity. Peter David’s story and dialogue never disappoint, or become boring or trite, and his words are a pleasure to read. A story designed to captivate and it does, from first page to last.


Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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