Multiverse Magazine Welcomes New Followers!

supermanselfieWOW! The last 24 hours has brought a massive influx of followers to our Instagram and Twitter Accounts, and an amazing amount of new likes on our Facebook page!

We’re so happy about it, and even Superman and Batman sent us a smiley selfie to celebrate……well sort of.

Batman didn’t want to smile as He “is the night” and the night doesn’t smile.

Thank you all so much for all the new interest in Multiverse Magazine, please keep sharing our site with your friends!


2 Responses to Multiverse Magazine Welcomes New Followers!

  • Marc ofner says:

    Sorry, is this magazine actually coming back? Would be a miracle seeing as there hasn’t been any new issues for a couple of years!

    • Lewis Dorsett says:

      Hi Marc, thanks for getting in touch!

      As far as I’m aware there are no plans to return to a print edition as yet, but you never know.

      As for now we’ll continue with the same quality online content we’ve been sharing with you.