REVIEW: Batman: Rebirth #1

Publisher: DC
Writer: Scott Snyder
Artist: Mikel Jann
Colourist: June Chung

Editor: Mark Doyle
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Price: $3.99

Batman Rebirth #1 DC

Batman Rebirth #1

Scott Snyder had a good run writing Batman. But after no retirement Snyder’s back writing Batman: Rebirth #1 one-shot before moving on to All Star Batman in August. To everything there is a season, and Julian Day/Calendar Man controls them through his spores, and the violent weather patterns are threatening Gotham City. Batman risks everything to stop him.

Seasons is the not-so-subtle theme of the issue. Joining the Caped Crusader is Duke Thomas. He’s already Robin, but now Batman offers him something new, and spring has come as Duke joins as an unnamed partner wearing a yellow bat suit? Bat-Duke, perhaps? There’s lots of seasonal symbolism thrown in for good measure.

Batman chases after more spores while the weather keeps changing, and pushes himself beyond his limits. Good thing too, because every time Calendar Man ages, he moults and emerges young. “He comes back better every time. How are we supposed to combat that?” says Duke. “Easy. We come back better each time, too,” Bruce says. We get it, it’s endless springs for Bats and his villains.

Mikal Jann’s art is gorgeous and June Chung’s painting-like colours give Batman: Rebirth #1 life. The bad news is the art is better than the writing.

Batman: Rebirth #1 teases Calendar Man’s return, but really the issue is just a vehicle to introduce the new Duke hero. The tease is the best part of the story, and may be a good reason to read new Batman stories.

Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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