REVIEW: New Super-Man #1

Publishers: DC
Writer: Gene Luen Yang
Artists: Viktor Bogdanovic, Richard Friend
Colourist: Hi-Fi

Editor: Paul Kaminski
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Price: $2.99

New Super-Man #1 DC

New Super-Man #1

China is becoming an important entertainment market and DC is there to cash in. Not only are there Chinese superheroes in the universe, but now one of them is a Superman, or more precisely Super-Man. In New Super-Man #1 we meet high school student Kong Kenan, whose personality has more in common with Guy Gardner than Clark Kent, but with the personal problems of Peter Parker. With great marketing, comes great responsibility.

Indeed the reader’s first impression in New Super-Man #1, is that Kenan’s a jerk jock who enjoys bullying another student. But there’s more to him than meets the eye when acting on impulse he saves said student from a dangerous supervillain. Enter Chinese Lois Lane stand-in Laney Lan who gets the scoop, and the shadowy government Ministry of Self-Reliance, who offers to make Kenan a man of Sino-steel.

In New Super-Man #1 writer Gene Luen Yang thankfully gives Kenan a real personality and problems we can all relate to. His ego is out of control, and he carries serious emotional scars from his mother’s death. Art chores by Viktor Bogdanovic and Richard Friend are stylish and funky, but not up to par with the writing. Faces are not their strong suit, although the story-telling technique moves things along at a brisk pace in New Super-Man #1.

In New Super-Man #1 we meet a new and potentially interesting character. There’s enough depth and entertainment to overcome the under par artwork, which hopefully will improve. Kenan’s journey is just beginning, and you will want to see where he goes.


Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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