REVIEW: Zombie Tramp #27 Action Lab

Publisher: Action Lab
Writer: Dan Mendoza
Artist: Marcelo Trom
Colourist: Marcelo Costa
Release Date: OUT NOW!

Price: $3.99

Zombie Tramp #27 Action Lab

Zombie Tramp #27
Action Lab

Choke! Slobber! Drool! Gasp! No, those aren’t extracts from Zombie Tramp #27, those are just a few of my initial reactions to the (very) risqué variant covers  available for this issue.

Zombie Tramp #27 is most definitely not for the faint-hearted or the easily shocked and it’s no wonder those good folks at Action Lab have given it an M Rating for mature readers only. If you are still reading this review, I guess the above has been nothing more than a tease that has whetted your appetite for an update on the latest misadventures of everyone’s favourite resurrected hooker Janey Belle aka Zombie Tramp.

Well, what can I tell you? In Zombie Tramp #27, Janey finds herself in prison, tormented by a sadistic monster of a Warden called Fester Chance. It seems Janey once took revenge on Fester’s rapist nephew and now Fester wants to repay her in spades, all of which she puts up with, for a while at least, as she attempts to rescue her dad from Fester’s evil clutches.  When Janey is thrown in with the Bad Girls ( this is a family review so I can’t actually say what they are called in Zombie Tramp #27, but it’s really extreme!) Janey shows them what being bad is all about. Her dad isn’t so lucky because he has to bunk in with the Foot Long Boys and believe me, that name has nothing whatsoever to do with sandwiches! Whatever happens next, I certainly wouldn’t want to be in Warden Chance’s shoes as Zombie Tramp sets out on another revenge-fuelled bloodbath.

In Zombie Tramp #27, Dan Mendoza doesn’t just push the boundaries, he blows them all to hell and then stomps on the bits left behind. Reviewing it is almost impossible because I can’t go into details without offending readers left, right and centre. Marcelo Trom’s artwork is sublime and compliments Dan Mendoza’s script perfectly. Zombie Tramp #27, with all its variant covers in tow, is gory, offensive, sexually explicit, brutal and nasty. In short; it’s wonderful! and in future years Zombie Tramp will be enshrined as a classic of its type. Get it whilst it’s hot!


Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker


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