REVIEW: Ether #3

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: David Rubin
Cover Artist: David Rubin
Release Date: OUT NOW!

Price: $3.99

Ether #3 Dark Horse Comics

In Ether #3, Boone is a crusty, bearded, hero type whose very name evokes images of the rugged individuals that populate the legends the Old West. But not even the Lone Ranger had a faithful sidekick like Glum, an intelligent anthropoid, who is helping Boone track down a murderer in another dimension. The victim was The Blaze, a hero of the Ether and sworn protector of the weak, which makes her assassin even more despicable before we’ve even meet them.

In Ether #3 the smoking gun has been found, in this case a steam powered copper golem, the trail takes Boone and Glum to the Faerie Kingdom – yes, it’s that kind of dimension where magic rules and Boone’s scientific know-how is put to the test to make sense of it all. It seems Boone has history here and not all, maybe not any, of the magical individuals he’s met before are too pleased to see him back.

For Ether #3, Boone and Glum are an engaging double act, with Glum getting all the best lines and Boone doing a nice turn as a gun-toting crusty professor type who has an explanation for everything, even, or perhaps especially, when things go spectacularly wrong. Funny, violent and strange by turns Ether #3 is a classy piece of dimension hopping fun from the assured keyboard of Matt Kindt and the distinctive and suitably weird paint box of David Rubin.

Distinctly left of field, in a comic book marketplace of populated by the comfortable and the bland, Ether #3 proves there is room for difference. And if you do not want to be a sheep, then Ether #3 is for you. Otherwise, after me, baa, baa, baa….



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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