REVIEW: Harrow County #20

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Tyler Crook

Cover Artist: Tyler Crook
Release Date: OUT NOW!!

Price: $3.99

Harrow County #20 Dark Horse Comics

Harrow County #20 is a neat, backwoods treaty on the evils of hubris when a group of hunters venture into the woods intent on doing some terminal harm to the supernatural critters that dwell there.

Naturally enough in Harrow County #20 the monster inhabitants don’t take too kindly to this sort of home invasion and respond in kind, not that kindness is on the agenda for either party. Supporters of the anti-blood sports lobby may cheer at the hunter’s fate but at the end it falls to Emmy, the guardian of Harrow County to pick up the pieces, and when I say pieces … well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

Suffice to say that her solution, in Harrow County #20, to the problem is both ingenious and creepy in the extreme. Although the supernatural demon-types are the most overt threat on display in Harrow County #20, it’s a rag doll who takes away the honours as creepy monster of the month and no doubt will be back to weave some more dark mischief as this superlative gothic odyssey continues to insinuate its way into your subconscious.

As Jed Clampett used to say; “Y’all come on back now, y’hear?” because Harrow County #20 will be waiting for you.



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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