REVIEW: Kong of Skull Island #10

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: James Asmus
Artist: Carlos Magno
Colourist: Jeremy Lawson
Release Date: OUT NOW!!

Price: $3.99

Kong of Skull Island #10 BOOM! Studios

BIG MONKEYS!!! What, do you mean, you want more? Well, it looks like you’ve come to the right place.

Okay, Queen Ewata of Skull Island must fight her way through the island in Kong of Skull Island #10, to rescue her daughter, K’vanni from the evil Aguul, who use the Kongs (that would be those BIG MONKEYS!!! I mentioned a paragraph earlier) in their fighting pits. Rather than pit tribe against tribe, Ewata takes on the rescue mission alone, fighting off scaly Deathrunners along to way until she reaches the Aguul fortress.

Meanwhile, in other developments in Kong of Skull Island #10, inside the fortress, things are going from bad to worse for Kong Trainer, Gret, as the main nasty, B’san, uses his records to concoct a scent trigger that sends K’vanni’s baby Kong protector into a banana munching frenzy that cannot be satisfied by even a bucket load of the yellow-skinned delectable. Gret finally finds himself between a rock and a hard place (you’ll understand what I mean when you get to page 21!) as Ewata races against time to stop K’vanni being sacrificed in a misguided attempt to bring peace to Skull Island. Kong of Skull Island #10 is top-notch jungle fun.

But how long you can string out the one basic plot for Kong of Skull Island #10, even when skillfully augmented as it is here by James Asmus, is debatable. The final panel of Kong of Skull Island #10 is iconic, if a little predictable, and promises more thrills and spills to come.

So here’s hoping James Amus’s ingenuity kicks into overdrive once this story arc in Kong of Skull Island #10 is finished because it would be a shame if the big hairy guy (that’s Kong, not James Asmus, whose degree of hirsuteness is unknown to me but there is a no-prize up for grabs) were to bite the bullet so soon, especially with a snazzy new movie to bolster sales.

Oh, yeah, before I go: There are lots of BIG MONKEYS!!!



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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