REVIEW: Vampirella Vol. 4 #3

Publisher: Dynamite
Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Jimmy Broxton
Colourist: Jimmy Broxton
Release Date: OUT NOW!!

Price: $3.99

Vampirella Vol 4 #3 Dynamite

Just when you thought you’d seen every possible variation on the Vampirella theme, Paul Cornell takes us on a wild and twisted ride into brand new blood-sucking territory.

Vampirella Vol. 4 #3 is set in a particular future where sexual gratification is a global opiate and wealth is the only path to the glorious hereafter. Well, duh! Drained of her vampiric powers, Vampirella, her friend Vicki Vincent and her cat, Grit, are captured and fall foul of a female – seventies porn movie, eye-patch wearing, pseudo-Nazi camp commandant.

Vampirella soon finds herself dubbed “The One Who Wakes” by the other prisoners, the saviour that everyone has been waiting for. Undercut with wry humour and every conceivable pastiche of every prisoner of war movie ever made and some that weren’t but should have been, Vampirella Vol. 4 #3 is a glorious concoction that stretches the boundaries of your imagination.

If you ever thought that clowns were made, not born, Vampirella Vol. 4 #3 will also confirm all your worst fears on that score and give you a whole range of new nightmares to tussle with into the bargain, because in Vampirella Vol. 4 #3 clowns are definitely the bad guys.

And, in the time-honoured tradition of saving the best, or possibly the worst, until last, don’t whatever you do skip to the last page. The last panel of Vampirella Vol. 4 #3 is a hum-dinger and well worth the wait. Poor Grit, that’s all I’m saying.



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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