REVIEW: Bankshot #2 of 5

Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Alex De Campi
Artist: Chriscross
Colourist: Snakebite Cortez
Release Date: OUT NOW!

Price: $3.99

Bankshot #2
Dark Horse

Buy this comic if only for the fact that the coulourist is called Snakebite Cortez which has to be the coolest name ever.

The story is pretty cool as well. Ten years ago Lance Corporal Marcus King was shot in the back and left for dead by someone called the Dutchman whilst taking part in some sort of military treasure hunt in the desert. Left a paraplegic, Marcus was rescued from a deadly CIA cover-up by a mysterious, beautiful woman called Soraya and now, ten years later, Marcus is a nano-bot filled super soldier kicking CIA butts as a sort of Robin Hood thief whilst looking to take his revenge on the Dutchman.

Switching between Marcus’ origin story and his current mission, Bankshot #2 of 5 is a James Bond-esque espionage thrill ride straddling the line between superhero and spy caper.

Bankshot #2 of 5 doesn’t put a foot wrong: the pace is brisk, the dialogue realistic and the artwork by Chriscross – of Convergence: Justice League of America fame – is well up to par.

Marcus King has the Dutchman in his sights and the showdown will be well worth the price of admission in Bankshot #2 of 5.



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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