REVIEW: Renato Jones Freelancer #2

Publisher: Image
Writer: Kaare Kyle Andrews
Artist: Kaare Kyle Andrews
Colourist: Kaare Kyle Andrews
Release Date: OUT NOW!

Price: Print/Digital $3.99

Renato Jones Freelancer #2 Image

In Renato Jones Freelancer #2 the President of the United States is a corrupt, despotic ogre who alienates the rest of the world with violent underhand tactics for his own profit. This Hitlar of a POTUS even allows Russia to have an office in the White House, to avoid using backchannels for countless immoral and illegal communications.

No, Renato Jones Freelancer #2 is not an alternative newspaper, it just holds up a mirror to the world and lets us make our own decisions as to how twisted the reflection might be. It’s not entirely clear from Renato Jones Freelancer #2 just what sort of freelancer Renato Jones might be; there’s a lot of supernatural hocus pocus in the mix as well as some nudity, escort services and lots of rich people behaving as badly as only rich people can – think TV show Dallas, with added fire and brimstone to max out the picture here.

The “normal” part of Renato Jones Freelancer #2 centres on single Mom, Cameron Alves who, to make ends meet and keep her baby fed has to delve into the bitchy world of high end escorting. There’s even a reference to the film Pretty Woman in case we were in any doubt as to what is going on here.

Cameron and Renato have crossed paths before, which ended in an explosion of brains that makes their reunion, at a swank party hosted by Bliss, the Madame of choice for VIP’s, socially awkward to say the least. Which is eclipsed by the uninvited guest who makes an explosive entrance in the last panel of Renato Jones Freelancer #2.

Whether you like Renato Jones Freelancer #2 or hate it, there is only one man to blame. Kaare Kyle Andrews wrote, drew, coloured and owns the whole darn thing. He probably even made the tea. The artwork is a distinctive breath of fresh air, the writing is acutely aware of its agenda setting and the juxtaposition of differing themes and genres is pitch perfect.

Renato Jones Freelancer #2 is a grown-up comic book for grown-up people and one of those on the money comic books just begging to be picked up by Netflix or Amazon Studios.



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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