REVIEW: Geek-Girl Vol.1: Lightning Strikes

Publisher: Markosia Enterprises Ltd
Writer: Sam Johnson
Artist: Carlos Granda

Colourist: NAHP
Release Date: OUT NOW!

Price: £11.99/$16.99

Geek-Girl Vol.1: Lightning Strikes Markosia Enterprises Ltd


Collecting Geek-Girl Vol.1: Lightning Strikes issues 1 – 4 this is a volume I would urge you to buy for many reasons, mostly because Geek-Girl is that rare – and becoming increasingly rarer – thing a comic book about the joys and the sheer love of being a superhero. Some misguided fools may want to call Geek-Girl Vol.1: Lightning Strikes naïve but that – as with so much to like in life – would be missing the point totally.

But first I had better lay my cards on the table, I don’t like modern superheroes. I have that many, many times and those of you that know me will know that too. For those of you who don’t me, so short and concise clarification. Modern superheroes seem to be constantly rebooted, reimaged, dark and darker, narcissistic, inbred – in both publishing terms and physically – reduced to mouthpieces spouting no end of doom and gloom for themselves and for humanity.

And frankly, that is boring, endlessly repetitive and mind-mumbling dull.

And Geek-Girl Vol.1: Lightning Strikes does away with all that all that BS and instead offers the reader – you – something of the colour and brightness and pleasure of the genre. Geek-Girl Vol.1: Lightning Strikes thrusts into every page and every panel a reminder of what superheroes – not used to be – this is not about nostalgia, this is about what superheroes can be. Before every mainstream comic book writer decided they were Alan Moore.

Rant over. For now……

Which you are welcome to ignore. However, do me a favour – no wait – do yourself a favour and buy Geek-Girl Vol.1: Lightning Strikes. One day the world will end but on the other days it will not. Treat yourself to big piece of Geek-Girl Vol.1: Lightning Strikes of superheroes doing what they used to do – what they still can do – entertain.

Geek-Girl: Vol.1: Lightning Strikes! is Out Now and available at ( for UK orders) and



Reviewer: Steve Hooker
Reviews Editor: Me again!!

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