REVIEW: Kill The Minotaur #4

Publisher: Image
Writer: Chris Pasetto and Christian Cantamessa
Artist: Lukas Ketner
Colourist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Release Date: OUT NOW!

Price: $3.99 Print/Digital

Kill The Minotaur #4

If you ever wondered where the labyrinth came from, look no further than Kill The Minotaur #4. Seems a big egg-thingy crash landed on Earth and gave Daedelus a golden star which helped him shape the labyrinth’s construction. Simple, eh? But not even space eggs and shiny stars could kill the Minotaur which grew in power over the years and could only be imprisoned by the endless twists and turns of the labyrinth itself. Lucky this was in the days before sat-nav or we’d really be in trouble.

Lucky for us, Theseus and his friends, including evil King Minos’s daughter, Princess Ariadne, are on hand to save us all. Except they’re trapped in the centre of the labyrinth with precious few weapons and no way to kill the Minotaur or to escape without letting the horned beasty follow in their wake. In a twisted mirror version of The King’s New Clothes, King Minos is being pleasured on the throne by comely naked courtiers as our gallant band of warriors lure the Minotaur to them.

And if you think Minotaurs are kinda cute, shaggy highland cattle with Beatle fringes and arms and legs instead of hooves, think again. This is one ugly cow, but his fearful screams give us a head’s up that he may not be the monster he appears to be.

Chris Pasetto and Christian Cantamessa continue to give a decidedly new spin on the familiar legend and with just two more issues to go before the grand finale, if they really do Kill The Minotaur the action is hotting up and the blood – oh, there’s lots of blood – is flowing like wine.

Is the Minotaur more sinned against than sinning? Will anyone escape the labyrinth alive? Will King Minos ever put on some clothes? None of these questions are answered in Kill The Minotaur #4 but I bet you’ll want to know the answers in the forthcoming issues.



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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