REVIEW: Killer Instinct #1

Publisher: Dynamite
Writer: Ian Edgington
Artist: Cam Adams
Colourist: Jorge Sutil
Release Date: Out now

Price: $3.99

Killer Instinct #1

Recipe for Killer Instinct #1: Take every comic book plot device you can think of, including a dystopian future, demons, a super-hero war, vampires, dragon spirits, marauding gangs of thugs, starving survivors, demi gods, the leeching of Earth’s life energy and a master of the mystic arts needing to build a team of allies fast to save the world from utter destruction, add one sexy ninja called Kim Wu, throw it all into the pot and let it simmer.

Do all that and what do you get? One explosive, all-out action extravaganza by ace British writer Ian Edgington and classy artist supremo Cam Adams.

In Killer Instinct #1 distrusted by her fellow survivors, even though she saved them from death and worse at the hands of scurvy scavengers, Kim Wu is cast out into the cold with only her dragon spirit for company. An encounter with former hero turned vampire, Mira, and her crew of creatures leaves Kim dangerously weak and alone.

So what if you don’t really know the full back story for Killer Instinct #1, I’m sure it will all be explained in time. Meanwhile, just sit back and wallow in the action, the tight interweaving of several plot strands and knockout visuals.

My instinct tells me that Killer Instinct #1 is just the start of something great.



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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