REVIEW: Mighty Mouse #4

Publisher: Dynamite Comics
Writer: Sholly Fisch
Artist: Igor Lima
Colourist: Mohan
Release Date: OUT NOW!

Price: $3.99

Mighty Mouse #4 Dynamite Comics

‘Here I come to save the day’. Ah, it’s been way too long since Mighty Mouse sang out his famous battle cry, but now he gets to do it several times in Mighty Mouse #4.

Created in 1942 by Paul Terry for the Terrytoons stable, Mighty Mouse has been a star of film, TV and comic books and in Mighty Mouse #4 the Mouse of Tomorrow proves once again that even little guys can make a big difference.

Mighty Mouse #4 takes the Roger Rabbit route and mixes “live” action with cartoons. Mighty Mouse’s home town of Mouseville has been invaded by alien cats (boo! hiss!) but their protector, Mighty Mouse (Yay!) is stranded in the “real” world. When 11-year-old Joey Malone draws a portal to send Mighty Mouse home, the alien cats burst through into the real world instead! (oh no!). With both worlds under attack, only a flying rodent in yellow pyjamas can save the day. But will anyone take a flying, talking, singing, super-strong mouse seriously? About as seriously as they take a horde of alien cartoon cats ripping apart the city and shrugging off bullets like dandruff they will. The army and the police are powerless to stop the merciless moggies and even Mighty Mouse seems to be outnumbered, but don’t count out Joey Malone. That kid can draw up a storm and he’s going to use every ounce of his artistic ability to help Mighty Mouse save two worlds.

In Mighty Mouse #4, Sholly Fisch has given us just the right blend of silly and surreal and Igor Lima’s artwork blends “normal” human characters with anthropomorphic critters in a way that blurs the line between the two and makes it all seem kind of possible. Fun, fast, furious and furry, Mighty Mouse #4 has it all. Move over Mickey, there’s a new Big Cheese in town. And his name is MIGHTY!



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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