REVIEW: Shirtless Bear Fighter #4

Publisher: Image
Writers: Jody Leheup & Sebastian Girner
Artists: Mike Spicer & Nil Vendrell
Cover: Andrew Robinson
Release Date: 20 September 2017

Price: $3.99 Print/Digital


ShirtlessBearFighter #4

What else can I say about Shirtless Bear Fighter #4 that I haven’t already said? But here we are again in this excellent series!

Who would have thought that a toilet paper manufacturer would be one of the greatest, megalomaniacal, deranged villains of all time? Look out for a Fuzzy Wipes product in a store near you – I particularly like the limited edition enamel pin and if you’re looking for the next “in” phrase, my vote goes to: “Don’t rub you’re a** on a tree like a dumb bear!”

After the laff riot of the previous three issues, Shirtless Bear Fighter #4 takes on a slightly more serious tone as the roller coaster tale of deforestation and alienation heads towards next issue’s bear-punching climax.

Agent Suzanne Silva and Mama Bear are prisoners in the Fuzzy Wipes Toilet Paper factory, Shirtless and Papa Bear have an uneasy reunion, the forest is virtually bald and Jaxson Logger and his Lumber Louts launch a final, all-out attack on Shirtless in a hum-dinger of a pitched battle. We have bears driving monster trucks, bears looking cool in trench coats and fedora’s, bad bears, good bears, bears in pearls, bear traps and bear mace and the most startling revelation of all about Shirtless’s lost love, Clementine.

Winnie The Pooh this isn’t, but if you like your bears with attitude, humour and action all the way, Shirtless Bear Fighter #4 is most definitely for you. Keep the Fuzzy Wipes close as the un-bearable tension mounts. As this story arc careens to a close, let’s hope this is just the first of many adventures.



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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