REVIEW: Van Helsing Versus The Werewolf #3

Publisher: Zenescope
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Allan Otero
Colourist: Robby Bevard
Release Date: 13 September 2017

Price: $3.99

Van Helsing Versus The Werewolf #3

Steadily working her way through the lexicon of legendary monsters, having already faced off Dracula, the Mummy and Frankenstein, Van Helsing Versus The Werewolf #3 sees Liesel Van Helsing don her leather hot-pants and team up with hot dominatrix, Chinese agent, Wu Shen Hao to tackle the Werewolf.

Veteran scribe Chuck Dixon; you’ll know him from such titles as Punisher, Batman, Nightwing and Robin, takes Liesel and Wu to the top of the world where even the perishing cold of a Tibetan mountain can’t make Liesel dispense with her rakish top hat. Although this mission may have started out as a Werewolf hunt, Liesel, Wu and their faithful Sherpa, Tshering, have to face a veritable army of icy vampires before reaching that time honored sanctuary in such climes, the Lhasa Rama Monastery. Only the timely intervention of another monster-slaying Sherpa called Chandresh saves them from becoming vampire snacks, but is he all he claims to be? More, no doubt will be revealed in future issues of Van Helsing Versus The Werewolf. Once safely at the monastery, Liesel and friends must finally face the onslaught of  Van Helsing Versus The Werewolf #3’s titular baddie. And if his entrance doesn’t put you off Santa Claus for ever I don’t know what will.

Allan Otero’s artwork is slick as an ice flow and Chuck Dixon’s script leaves you as breathless as an arctic snowstorm. Van Helsing Versus The Werewolf #3 is a masterclass in high-octane adventure, taking monsters and mayhem to new and ever more delightful levels.

My only problem with Van Helsing Versus The Werewolf #3, is what will they do when Liesel finally runs out of monsters to fight? Someone call Universal Pictures quick, they need to get the cameras rolling and churn out a whole new generation of monstrosities for our femme – most definitely – fatale to get her claws into. But until then, enjoy the romp and high adventure of Van Helsing Versus The Werewolf #3.



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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