REVIEW: Dark Fang #3

Publisher: Image
Writer: Miles Gunter
Artist: Kelsey Shannon
Colourist: Kelsey Shannon
Release Date: OUT NOW!

Price:$3.99 Print and Digital

Dark Fang #3


The female lead in Dark Fang #3 is a new type of hero in this pacey, stylish, pre-apocalyptic saga.

The titular Dark Fang is nothing less than a vampire. Figures, right? I mean, after a terminally stupid mankind has killed off the planet and all biological life is dead and gone, what’s a poor bloodsucker to do when there’s nothing more to suck? That is the recurring dream that haunts Dark Fang’s daymares and so she decides to do something about it, starting with that sub-set of mankind who are rapidly taking over from Nazi’s as the go-to villain for all occasions; politicians.

Dark Fang #3 starts with a good ’ol boy senator whose idea of a birthday treat is blowing up endangered white lions with a missile, and finishes by decapitating the President of the United States live on TV – wish fulfilment much?

To further take the edge off of Dark Fang #3’s bloodsucking credentials, she is into solar power and has covered her castle – yes, she lives in a castle so she must be an old fashioned girl next door vamp at heart – with the things, which means we don’t have to feel guilty about rooting for her.

Naturally,in Dark Fang #3 not everything is going to go Dark Fang’s way as the bearded bozo home intruder testifies. Dark Fang #3 is a delicious blend of horror, eco warning and violence in equal measure making it a terror-filled fable fit for the twenty-first century and beyond.



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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