REVIEW: The Shadow/Batman #4

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist: Giovanni Timpano
Colourist: Flavio Dispenza
Release Date: OUT NOW!!!!

Price: $3.99

The Shadow/Batman #4 Dynamite Entertainment

In a world that should exist (if every fanboy worth his salt has his way that is) but rarely ever does, The Shadow/Batman #4, has Shiwan Khan, The Shadow’s arch enemy, controlling Batman and forcing him to kill The Shadow. Add in a sub plot which sees Robin, aka Damian Wayne, having a head-on family feud with Grandpappy Ra’s Al Ghul and you have a humdinger of a premise for one of the greatest team-ups of all time.

If ever a character can be said to have inspired the creation of Batman, it has to be The Shadow, but can even the maestro of dark avenging defeat his most adept pupil and his deadliest adversary at one go?  My money is on the guy in the floppy hat with the big guns, but Steve Orlando seems intent on wiping out everything and everyone both The Shadow and Batman hold dear before we find out the answer to that question. The Shadow/Batman #4 is mid story arc where both protagonists are at their lowest ebb. We know, because we’ve been paying attention all these years, that this is just the warm-up to a full throttle finale that sees the heroes overcome impossible odds and achieve victory because their hearts are pure and their cause is just. And they have big guns and the coolest costumes ever.

Both Batman and The Shadow could be said to be damaged individuals and Shiwan Khan riffs on how The Shadow doesn’t really hate crime, he hates himself, but what’s a little self-loathing when there are villainous butts to be kicked? Batman is doubting himself because he doesn’t know if his thoughts are his own or Shiwan Khan’s mental machinations and a confused Batman is really no Batman at all.

In The Shadow/Batman #4,this dissection of the superhero psyche is icing on a cake that really comes down to that most basic of comic book delights: The Shadow and Batman together again in one title! Nothing can top that, so do your worst Shiwan Khan and enjoy your victory in The Shadow/Batman #4 whilst you can.

The Shadow knows………



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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