REVIEW: Youngblood #7

Publisher: Image
Writer: Chad Bowers
Artist: Jim Towe
Colourist: Juan Manuel Rodriguez
Release Date: Out now

Price: $3.99

Youngblood #7 Image

In Youngblood #7 the President of the United States is a retired superhero. I guess it beats being a retired reality show host. A former member of the super team Youngblood, President Diehard still wears his cybernetic implants and face mask in public, although he now wears a business suit instead of shiny armour for formal occasions. His wife, or maybe his girlfriend, I couldn’t quite tell what she was, is getting secret texts from someone called Jack In The Box and a team of young heroes has debuted under the name of Diehard’s former affiliation, Youngblood, to track down Petra Gomez’ missing friend.

When Diehard sends two former Youngbloods to investigate the new team, they promptly defect and help the newcomers to take down a superhuman trafficking ring! No wonder POTUS is having sleepless nights. Created by comic book maestro Rob Liefield and helmed by Chad Bowers, Youngblood is a smooth, sassy and savvy mix of politics, ‘real world’ scenarios and the kind of not-quite-as-pure-as-you-hope super heroes you always kind of thought they might be deep down but didn’t want to ask. Throw in the suspect corporation BryneTEC and a sinister app called HELP (never did trust those things) and you have conspiracy theories aplenty to juggle with.

Who is the good guy and who is the bad guy here? Youngblood #7 gives you plenty to choose from, but no matter where your natural affinities lie, Youngblood #7 is a class act that lives up to its proud boast of being: ‘The Superhero Team That Started The Image Revolution.’


Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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