I’VE BEEN writing about comics and the history of comics for far longer than I care to… or can… remember.

Among other things, over the past few years I produced a Behind the Scenes column for virtually every one of the 200 issues of Eaglemoss ‘s Classic Marvel Figurine Collection, a partwork in which each issue was devoted to a single hero or villain. In my feature I discussed the creation of the character, often after interviewing the relevant creator(s).

A similar column was mooted for an Eaglemoss companion title – the now defunct DC Super Heroes Figurine Collection – but was eventually nixed for some reason or other. At the time I was really enjoying the opportunity CMFC was offering me to talk with a wide variety of writers and artists and the decision not to proceed with a DCSHFC version of my original Behind the Scenes column left me not only deflated but also frustrated.

For a while I toyed with creating a blog in which I talked about the genesis of various DC heroes and villains but eventually I put the idea to one side. Except the concept just wouldn’t go away..

It ultimately resurfaced as Secret Origins, a book which will reveal the story behind the creation of numerous characters and concepts not just from DC but also from Vertigo, Dark Horse, Image, Topps, Malibu, IDW, BOOM!, 2000 AD, Valiant, Dynamite and various other publishers existing and long gone. I’ll even be throwing in some of the Marvel heroes and villains I never got around to for Eaglemoss as well as revisiting some of those I did!

Secret Origins is still a work in progress but every fortnight (that’s every two weeks to anyone reading this in the USA) I’ll be spotlighting one of the characters lined up for the book. Call it a teaser. Call it a trailer. Call it a taster.