Evil Ernie

Dynamite’s Evil Ernie Vol. 2: Rise of Evil TPB In Stores 07/29/2015

Teen psychopath Evil Ernie is dead, resigned to Hell where he belongs. But when reality is threatened by a force that even the Devil can’t handle, Lucifer calls on the only weapon that can prevent total megadeath: Evil Ernie himself!  Will the antihero-to-end-all-antiheroes take his place as the world’s most unlikely savior… and how will he handle the revelation that his former lover, Mistress Hel, has replaced him with not one, but multiple new paramours? It’s all-out mayhem in the classic Chaos Comics manner! Continue reading

Dynamite Entertainment Signs with Comicsfix, A Brand New Subscription-Based Digital Comics Platform

Featuring All-You-Can-Read Comics and Graphic Novels for $9.95 a Month

Dynamite Entertainment officially signs with Comicsfix to bring their expansive and versatile library to the subscription-based digital platform. Comicsfix gives readers access to unlimited quality comic book titles and graphic novels for all ages at a low monthly price. Continue reading

Dynamite Kicks Off 2014 with First-Ever 5-Week Event — Li’l Dynamites

Featuring Li’l Sonja, Li’l Evil Ernie, Li’l Battlestar Galactica, Li’l Vampi, and Li’l Bionic Kids in Adorable, Fun-Loving Comics

Dynamite has proudly announced the January five-week release of Li’l Dynamites, a playful romp of one-shot comic books appropriate for every age that features a wide range of characters from their publishing line, including Red Sonja, Evil Ernie, Battlestar Galactica, Vampirella, and Bionic Man.

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Tim Seeley Brings Back CHAOS! COMICS in Epic Event Series of World-Shattering Proportions

Featuring Evil Ernie, Chastity, Purgatori, and More!

Dynamite has proudly announced the return of Chaos! Comics, an expansive universe of fan-favorite horror characters including Evil Ernie, Purgatori, and Chastity.

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Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce the classic Chaos! character Evil Ernie returns to comics from the creative team of writer Jesse Blaze Snider and artist Jason Craig!

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