Ian Kennedy

Commando Issues 4975 – 4978 – On Sale 15th December 2016

Commando – 4975 – Flying Blind

Sergeant Owain Howell was too headstrong for the R.A.F. Charged with insubordination, he found himself consigned to the ground crew, servicing the planes he had once hoped to fly. Travelling with his crew to Africa, he was shot down and stranded in Italy.
Squadron leader Leonard Brinkley, on the other hand, was a cool and experienced pilot. However, after a raid went disastrously wrong, Leonard found himself a Prisoner of War; unable to see, and unable to escape. Continue reading

Commando Issues 4935-4938 – On Sale 28 July 2016

Commando No 4935 – Firebrand!

Siblings Ian and John Jenkins were both R.A.F. pilots. Ian was the elder, calm and confident. John was younger and hot-headed, a definite firebrand. Based in the North-East of Scotland, they protected the coast against attack from the marauding Luftwaffe.
However, when tragedy struck, John found himself embroiled in a mystery — one that involved death, destruction and even espionage. And it seemed there was a family connection. The firebrand was determined to find the answers…whatever the cost. Continue reading

Commando issues 4907-4910 – On Sale 21 April 2016

Commando No 4707 – Tough To Kill

With the German Blitzkreig in full flow, retreating British forces were headed for the evacuation at Dunkirk.
Meanwhile, Jimmy Campbell — a tough, impulsive Hurricane pilot who wasn’t so good at following orders — had ended up in the brig to teach him a lesson. Continue reading

Commando Issues 4895-4898 – On Sale NOW!

Commando No 4895 – Home Front Heroes

The crew of a Boulton Paul Defiant night-fighter were puzzled. Why was an Airspeed Oxford trainer aircraft flying above England under cover of darkness? The gunner wondered if perhaps something secretive was going on.
How right he was. But there was no way that he could have known that the Oxford was being flown by a German crew, and was an integral part of an audacious plan by the Nazis to snatch back one of their spies. Continue reading

Commando issues 4891-4894 – OUT NOW!

Commando No 4891 – Cossack Vengeance

Once more the Convict Commandos’ latest mission had placed them in grave danger.
The Germans, in league with a Russian traitor and a horde of fearsome, renegade Cossack warriors, had concocted an assassination plot that would turn the tide of the war. Continue reading

Commando Issues 4883-4886 – On Sale Thursday 28th January 2016

Commando No 4883 – Old Rusty

Dick Avery was a captain in the Merchant Navy. He’d sailed with some of the best — and worst — ships and crews on the seven seas. He reckoned he’d seen it all.
That was before he took command of Old Rusty, an ancient tub with a crew made up of drunks, brawlers and raw seamen of every nationality.
When Dick left Gibraltar he didn’t fancy his chances of ever seeing England again. Continue reading

Commando Issues 4879-4882 – On Sale 14 January 2016

Commando No 4879 – Banquet Of Blood

Budapest, 1945.
Why is Doctor Jane Mallory poised to attack her cowardly colleague, “Jelly” Jakes?
The answer is at the heart of the latest mission for the Convict Commandos. They must uncover a dangerous secret which turns normal soldiers into crazed, ravenous hordes capable of killing anything — or, indeed, anyone — who gets in the way of their desire to eat. Continue reading

Commando Issues 4875-4878 – On Sale Thursday 31 December 2015

Commando No 4875 – Deadly Pursuit

Cut off from their unit, Second-Lieutenant Bob Holbeck and Private Vic Jolly were trying to get out of battle-ravaged Malaya for the relative safety of Sumatra.
Hooking up with a rag-tag group of survivors, they commandeered a Model T Ford pick-up truck and fled. Continue reading

REVIEW: 2000 AD PROG 1961

Publisher: 2000 AD Rebellion
Writers: Rob Williams, Gordon Rennie, Dan Abnett, Jonathan Green, Kek-W, Martin Feekins, John Wagner, Pat Mills
Artists: Ian Kennedy (Cover), Henry Flint, Tiernen Trevallion, Richard Elson, Tom Foster, John Burns, Jesus Redondo, Carlos Ezquerra
Letters: Annie Parkhouse, Simon Bowland, Ellie De Ville,
Release Date: UK & Digital 16 December 2015/North America 16 January 2016

Price: £4.99/$2.99

Continue reading

REVIEW Ro-Busters: The Complete Nuts and Bolts Vol.1

Publisher: 2000 AD
Writers: Pat Mills, Chris Lowder, Bill Henry, V Gross
Artists: Carlos Pino, Jose Luis Ferrer, Dave Gibbons, Kevin O’Neil, Ian Kennedy, Mike Dorey
Release date: 8 October 2015

Price: £25.00

Continue reading