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The Dark Horse Comics/DC: Superman TPB – Out now

The Dark Horse Comics/DC: Superman TPB
Superman vs. Aliens!

In the first ever collection of the DC/Dark Horse Superman crossover stories, the Man of Steel faces the universe’s deadliest foe, but is he truly strong enough to defeat the xenomorph? Follow the Last Son of Krypton through the world of Madman and explore the jungles of East Africa with him alongside Tarzan, son of the jungle. Continue reading

REVIEW: Silver Surfer #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Michael Allred
Colourist: Laura Allred

Editor: Alanna Smith
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Price: $3.99

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Hold On and Hang Tight With a First Look at SILVER SURFER #1!

Anywhere and Everywhere! This January, the sentinel of the starry space ways returns from the edge of the universe for the start of a thrilling new adventure in SILVER SURFER #1! Continue reading

Dark Horse Preview: LADY KILLER #1

Betty Draper meets Hannibal!

Dark Horse Comics is pleased to present an advanced preview of LADY KILLER #1 , a new original series by Joëlle Jones that is full of dark comedy, gritty action, and killer laughs! Continue reading

Second IT GIRL & THE ATOMICS Paperback Collects the Rest of Beloved Series


Jamie S. Rich and a cadre of artists top off their acclaimed year-long run on the It Girl and the Atomics series with the second trade paperback collection.

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Bloodthirsty Martians Take On All-Star IDW Properties in an Extinction-Level Event!

IDW Publishing regrets to inform you that this January, many of your most beloved characters are coming under attack. Vicious, bloodthirsty Martians have descended from the skies and crossed through infinite panels and dimensions seeking total comic book conquest! Batten down the hatches and assemble your militia, because 2013 is kicking off with MARS ATTACKS IDW!
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New MADMAN spin-off sells out, gets 2nd printing

IT GIRL AND THE ATOMICS #1, the first issue of a new spin-off of Michael Allred’s classic MADMAN series, has sold out and will receive a second printing. Written by Jamie S. Rich with art by Mike Norton and a cover by the Michael and Laura Allred, the debut issue has garnered positive reviews for its fun, all-ages take on superheroics.

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It Girl On Her Own

New MADMAN spin-off from Image in August



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