Lee Garbett

REVIEW: Lucifer #1 DC/Vertigo

Publishers: DC/Vertigo
Writer: Holly Black
Artist: Lee Garbett
Colourist: Antonio Fabrela

Editor: Ellie Pyle
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Price: $3.99

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Announcing the next 2000 AD US format mini-series: THE GRIEVOUS JOURNEY OF ICHABOD AZRAEL!

His name is Ichabod and he is a killer. But his death – for die he must – is only the beginning of his story…

2000 AD are very proud to announce that the next US format mini-series from them will be THE GRIEVOUS JOURNEY OF ICHABOD AZRAEL (AND THE DEAD LEFT IN HIS WAKE) by Rob Williams, Dom Reardon, Michael Dowling, Peter Doherty, and Antonio Fuso. Continue reading

Valiant’s ONE DOLLAR DEBUTS Return October 15th

…With All-New Quote Covers!

In comic shops everywhere next week, get seven of Valiant’s greatest most beloved #1 issues for just one dollar apiece with an all-new wave of ONE DOLLAR DEBUTS! Continue reading

The History of Angela Revealed in THOR & LOKI: THE TENTH REALM #1!

Thor & Loki Confront a Devastating Secret in This Epic Limited Series!

This July, discover the startling secret that Original Sin will uproot for the worlds of Earth and Asgard alike! Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #1 – the first issue in a game-changing limited series spinning directly out of Original Sin! From the blockbuster creative team of Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Simone Bianchi and Lee Garbett comes the answers you’ve been waiting for! Continue reading

Discover the True Secret of Angela in THOR & LOKI: THE TENTH REALM #1!

Thor & Loki Confront a Devastating Secret in This Epic Limited Series!

This July, Original Sin continues to unravel everything you thought you knew about the Marvel Universe as shocking revelations rock the world of Earth and Asgard alike! Sins of the past wreak havoc on the present as the lost child of Asgard returns home in the pages of Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm – a game-changing 5-issue limited series spinning out of the pages of Original Sin! Continue reading

Check Those Orders – More All-New Marvel NOW! Titles Return to Press!

All-New Marvel NOW! has everyone buzzing – and today Marvel is proud to announce that ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER #1MOON KNIGHT #2DEADPOOL VS. CARNAGE #1LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #3MAGNETO #2 and SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #30 have all sold out at the distributor level (though copies may be available at retail level) and will immediately head back to press!

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LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #1 Returns For a Second Printing!

Old God. New Trickster.

It’s official – fans can’t get enough Loki, and the newest adventure of the Norse God of Mischief is a hit! Continue reading

Your First Look at Loki: Agent of Asgard #1

Trust No One, Trick Everyone!

Old God—New Trickster! Marvel is pleased to present your first look at LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #1 from the spellbinding creative team of Al Ewing (Mighty Avengers) and Lee Garbett (X-O Manowar, Batgirl). Continue reading

It All Starts Here – Your First Look at ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW! POINT ONE!


The most popular characters. The most acclaimed creators. The most ambitious stories. This is the recharged All-New Marvel NOW! Continue reading

Valiant Preview: You’ve Just Rented an Apartment to QUANTUM AND WOODY #5

… Kiss That Baby Goodbye!

Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Quantum and Woody #5 – the FIRST ISSUE of “In Security,” an all-new story arc from award-winning writer James Asmus (Thief of Thieves, Gambit) and fan favorite artist Ming Doyle (Mara)! Start reading here with an all-new arc, an all-new jumping-on point, and all-new…problems? Continue reading