Mick Gray

REVIEW: Superman #1

Publisher: DC
Writers: Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason
Artist: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray
Colourist: John Kalisz

Editor: Andrew Marino
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Price: $3.99

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Preview: BATMAN AND ROBIN #36 and ASTRO CITY #17

This week, DC Comics and Vertigo Comics are giving you exclusive first looks at BATMAN AND ROBIN #36 and ASTRO CITY #17! Continue reading


The hunt for Robin is over, but Batman and Ra’s al Ghul continue the family feud.

Today, the LOS ANGELES TIMES HERO COMPLEX announced an exciting one-shot called ROBIN RISES: OMEGA #1 and the highly anticipated series return to BATMAN AND ROBIN.

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First Look at Week One of Villains Month: Joker, Two-Face, The Ventriloquist, & Poison Ivy

Following the events of this summer’s crossover “Trinity War,” a dark shadow will be cast across the DC Universe.

This September, all of the DC COMICS: THE NEW 52 titles will be replaced by Villains books. What happens when the heroes of the DC Universe fall and there’s nobody left to stop the villains from taking over? Find out this fall during Villains Month, which will spotlight 52 of the DC Universe’s biggest rogues in their own one-shots.

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