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Flash Gordon King’s Cross #5 – Out Now

SUPERSTAR JEFF PARKER (Future Quest) JESSE HAMM & GRACE ALLISON bring the thrilling conclusion! Hopelessly outnumbered by MING THE MERCILESS’S hordes of Beast-Men, Flash Gordon and his team go all-in and wage war alongside the glorious KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE! Continue reading

Lords Of The Jungle #5 – In Stores 07/20/2016

With the scope of the plot behind Jane’s kidnapping laid bare, Tarzan and Sheena are faced with something even more sinister: the possibility that no timeline is safe from the depredations of an apocalyptic cult! But with few resources and even fewer friends, can they wrest their fates and the future of their homes from the hands of Laine and her power mad cronies? Continue reading

Red Sonja / Conan: Blood of a God HC – In Stores 02/03/2016

Red Sonja, the fiery She-Devil with a Sword. Conan, the relentess barbarian from Cimmeria. The two legendary heroes of the Hyborian Age are reunited once more, captains in a mercenary army drawn together to wage war on an evil sorcerer. With good swords at their side and loyal men at their backs, Sonja and Conan believe themselves more than capable of defeating Kal’Ang, an ambitious herbalist whose power resides in Blood Root experimentation. But little do they know, a shadow of the past has returned, a foe both familiar and fearsome… and whose secret goal is nothing short of divinity! Continue reading

Red Sonja / Conan #1In Stores 08/05/2015

In this issue, Red Sonja and Conan are reunited as captains of mercenary companies who team to fight the forces of an evil sorcerer. Little do they realize that a shadow of the past has returned, something of dire peril from their previous adventures together. It’s the Cimmerian and Sonja reunited for more bloody swordplay! Continue reading

Celebrate Dynamite’s 10th Anniversary Celebration This July!


Dynamite is celebrating its 10th Anniversary in style this year by releasing four #0 one-shot special issues having important story tie-ins within each series! To unify the event, each issue features gorgeous covers by Gabriel Hardman! Continue reading

Dynamite Announces March Release of MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER #1

Featuring the Creative Team of Fred Van Lente, Cory Smith, and More

Dynamite proudly announces that the new ongoing Magnus: Robot Fighter comic book series, written by Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies) and illustrated by Cory Smith (Fathom), will launch its first issue on Wednesday, March 12, 2014. Continue reading

5-page Preview of ‘Lords of Mars’ #1


Take a look at Dynamite Entertainment’s preview of Lords of Mars #1!

Continue reading