Trevor Scott

DC to release a Legends of Tomorrow anthology

It’s four powerhouse tales in one colossal comic, as some of comics’ most legendary talents launch new tales of Firestorm, Metamorpho, Metal Men and Sugar and Spike—that’s right, Sugar and Spike!

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Convergence Week Four: Batman, Beetle and Booster

In the month since they’ve announced CONVERGENCE, DC Comics’ massive crossover publishing event hitting the stands next April and May, they have revealed which two-issue miniseries will be released during Week One, Week Two, and Week Three. Continue reading

Preview: EARTH 2 #29 and THE NAMES #4

This week, DC and Vertigo Comics are giving you exclusive first looks at EARTH 2 #29 and THE NAMES #4. Continue reading

Preview EARTH 2 #19 and FAIREST #22

Catch A Glimpse of the Fateful Terrors to Come!

Get your exclusive first looks at EARTH 2 #19 and FAIREST #22 from Vertigo Comics. Continue reading