REVIEW: Uncanny X-Men #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artists: Greg Land, Jay Leisten
Colourist: Nolan Woodard

Editor: Daniel Ketchum
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Price: $3.99

Uncanny X-Men #1 Marvel Comics

Uncanny X-Men #1
Marvel Comics

The problem with writing for an artist as talented as Greg Land is keeping up, and while the plot is serviceable in Uncanny X-Men #1 the script is clunky and characterisation is awkward.

Dying from Inhuman Terrigen Mist exposure, A-list X-Men are trying to keep a low profile. Enter Magneto and his kinder and gentler Mutant Brotherhood: Archangel, Monet, Psylocke and Sabretooth, standing in for Wolverine. The Brotherhood attacks a convoy carrying mutants in suspended animation.

In Uncanny X-Men #1 the tension between the members’ natural violent tendencies and their self-imposed rules of engagement is the story’s most interesting aspect. However, writer Cullen Bunn seems to settle on scratching the surface of this dilemma. Likewise for Uncanny X-Men #1, the characterisations in feel forced and the dialogue reads as stilted and compositional. While the issue spends time developing Monet the results merely emphasize a sadistic side at the expense of Monet’s honour, rendering her a former shadow of Peter David’s definitive take in X-Factor.

For his part artist Greg Land delivers on every panel. Land has one of the most attractive styles in comic books. Uncanny X-Men #1 has great art and some intriguing characters let down by writing in need of my depth to make the Uncanny X-Men #1 something special.


Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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