REVIEW: Superman #48

Publisher: DC
Writer: Gene Leun Yang
Artists: Howard Porter, Ardian Syaf, Don Ho
Colourist: Hi-Fi

Editor: Andrew Marino
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Price: $3.99

Superman #48 DC

Superman #48

In Superman #48 our favorite alien is powerless. A layer of cells stops his body from absorbing solar radiation and he’s convinced the only cure is kryptonite. He needs power to fight Vandal Savage, and Superman turns to Steve Trevor for help.

The story milks the tension between Trevor and Supes over being ex-boyfriends of Wonder Woman. For his part, Trevor is nonplussed Superman dumped her. Meanwhile, Vandal Savage lackey the Puzzler is betrayed by his brother and Superman is the next target.

The plot for Superman #48 is somewhat thin, as Superman is basing his entire theory about kryptonite healing properties on that most scientific of approaches: a hunch. But the artwork from the trio Howard Porter, Ardian Syaf and Don Ho, depicting Superman absorbing the radiation, and turning greener and thinner are effective and dynamic.

For Superman #48, the idea of using kryptonite to heal the man of steel is intriguing. A better explanation would have been welcome, however. Still, there is enough tension presented in these pages, that you will want to see the resolution.


Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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