BIG HEROES! BIG VILLAINS! AND BIGGER ADVENTURES this week, Share Your Universe with a brand new episode of MARVEL’S AVENGERS: ULTRON REVOLUTION this Sunday at 8:30am/7:30c on Disney XD.


image001 (1)Marvel’s Avengers: Ultron Revolution – “Saving Captain Rogers”

Watch as Iron Man and Black Widow attempt to save Cap!

Seemingly back in 1944, Captain America battles to rescue Bucky who has been captured by Baron Zemo. In truth, Cap is being controlled by Baron Zemo’s son and Iron Man and Black Widow must fight to bring Cap’s mind back to present day in the all-new MARVEL’S AVENGERS: ULTRON REVOLUTION airing Sunday, March 27 at 8:30am/7:30c on Disney XD.

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