REVIEW: Jacked #6

Publisher: DC/Vertigo
Writer: Eric Kripke
Artists: John Higgins
Colourist: SotoColor

Editor: Ellie Pyle
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Price: $3.99

Jacked #6 DC Vertigo

Jacked #6
DC Vertigo

Schlemiel and schlimazel, Josh’s adventures as a Jacked superhero have led to his wife and children being kidnapped by drug dealer Ray. But there ain’t no more of the eponymous power-giving drug and his journey as an ordinary person thrust into extraordinary circumstances comes to a close in Jacked #6.

“For once I just wanted to be…a goddamn alpha wolf. Just once. I didn’t know I’d f**k things up so badly,” Josh laments. And to complicate things raging Jessica, whom Josh saved, plans to kill Ray despite the hostage situation in Jacked #6.

Hitting rock bottom Josh claws himself out of his emotional pit long enough to save his family and concocts a cunning plan. And Josh finally realises that pushed far enough even a pussy like him can push back. And that notion is immensely more satisfying than a magic pill for Jacked #6.

Artist Eric Kripke’s sophisticated layouts are offset by his funky, stylistic art, which jumps to realism when warranted.

Jacked #6 rounds out one of DC’s best-written mini-series this year. Josh’s psychological and emotional journey has been intimate and entertaining and the conclusion to Jacked #6 satisfying. The ending teases a sequel in which we would see the abused Jessica’s journey, and hopefully if that is the case said sequel will be handled with the same excellent care and attention Jacked #6 has received.


Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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