REVIEW: Superman #1

Publisher: DC
Writers: Peter Tomasi, Patrick Gleason
Artist: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray
Colourist: John Kalisz

Editor: Andrew Marino
Release Date: OUT NOW!
Price: $3.99

Superman #1 DC

Superman #1

In Superman #1 Superman is dead, so it is very much long live Superman. The DC Universe is complicated and there are a couple of Supermen running around. One of them, who goes by the name Smith, owns a farm in Hamilton, and the story mostly follows his son Jonathan and wife Lois. Yes, another Lois Lane. But don’t worry, all will make sense soon, apparently!

So, Jonathan is the main focus of Superman #1, and to a lesser extent Clark’s parenting, which is an interesting plot choice for an inaugural issue. Jonathan is proud of his old man and promises to be discreet with his powers. However, for Jonathan, this turns out to be quite the struggle.

For Superman #1 Patrick Gleason’s art is funky and stylistic, and the best panels show off the colouring talents of John Kalisz. Page progression is not hindered by the artwork and everything proceeds a brisk pace for the reader.

It would seem, Superman #1 is aimed at younger audience, but still retains some adult sensibilities. In the writing hands of Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason Jonathan promises to be an interesting character, and watching Clark’s role as parent of a pubescent boy is enough to keep reading, although the story seems to be slipping into ‘soap opera’ territory and if that’s your thing then fine, if not……


Reviewer: Joe Lovece
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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