REVIEW: Elsewhere #2

Publisher: Image
Writer: Jay Faerber
Artist: Sumeyye Kesgin
Colourist: Ron Riley
Release Date: OUT NOW!

Price: $3.99

Elsewhere #2


Elsewhere #2 brings together two real-life aviation mysteries, namely the disappearance of Amelia Earhart in 1937 during her attempt to circumnavigate the globe, and the equally mysterious disappearance of D.B. Cooper in 1971 after he hijacked a Boeing 747 and parachuted into oblivion with $200,000.00 in ransom money.

Elsewhere #2 puts forward the theory both got swallowed up by a glowing hole in the sky and ended up in another dimension populated by people who look like the Grinch. What? It could have happened. All we need now is Glenn Miller to provide the soundtrack and the gang’s all here.

Elsewhere #2 is mainly backstory as Amelia and Cooper try to escape the clutches of evil Lord Kragen in an entertaining slice of faction which is more hokum than historical. Cooper is a curious footnote in modern history, and making him into a sort of anti-hero to stand alongside the more iconic Earhart is maybe a bit of a stretch. Just about everyone has heard of Amelia Earhart, but how many people know who Cooper was without Google?

Expertly drawn by Sumeyye Kesgin to be more elfin than in real life in Elsewhere #2, Earhart is the archetypal heroine even if, she only looks about fifteen instead of the thirty-nine when she disappeared. Since we already know that neither Earhart or Cooper were ever seen again in this reality, it’s difficult to know exactly where Jay Faerber is going with Elsewhere #2.

However, alternative history has been a weakness of mine and I’m prepared to give Elsewhere #2 the benefit of the doubt and think that this is the start of something distinctive and exceptional.

Fasten your seatbelts folks, it could be a bumpy ride.



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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