REVIEW: Zombie Tramp Origins Volume 1 #3

Publisher: Action Lab
Writer: Dan Mendoza
Artist: Dan Mendoza
Colourist: Valentina Pucci
Release Date: OUT NOW!!!!

Price: $4.99

Zombie Tramp Origins Volume 1 #3
Action Lab

If you like your comic book heroines slutty, sadistic and drenched in blood (and we do. ED.) , welcome to Zombie Tramp Origins Volume 1 #3 which contains everything an undead hooker fanboy (‘Me, me.’ Editor) could possibly want.

Zombie Tramp Origins Volume 1 #3 takes us back to the days before Janey Belle aka Zombie Tramp was the supreme zombie slut, resurrecting her kills into an undead army of her followers and instead settles on recounting how she came to be the killer queen we all know and slobber over. With its usual array of totally awesome and completely rude, nude and eye-popping alternative covers, Zombie Tramp Origins Volume 1 #3 introduces us to Xula, Queen of the Dead, who has something nasty called Jason in her basement, plus a crooked Sheriff who doesn’t want to pay Xula for services rendered and starts a war only Zombie Tramp is able to bring to a bloody conclusion.

For the most part though, Zombie Tramp is in a reflective mood in Zombie Tramp Origins Volume 1 #3 and despite the dismemberment, the gouging, the killing, the blood and the nudity, it has a restrained feel compared to later offerings. Don’t let that put you off though. Zombie Tramp Origins Volume 1 #3 is part of an epic journey and no fiend-loving aficionados will want to admit they weren’t there from the very beginning.



Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker

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