REVIEW: Bonehead #1

Publisher: Image
Writer: Bryan Hill
Artist: Rhoald Marcellius
Colourist: Machine 56
Release Date: OUT NOW!

Price: $3.99 Print and Digital

Bonehead #1

Bonehead #1 details the sport of free running in the near future where competitors augment their abilities with neuro-linked helmets whilst being hunted by techno-cops called Gladiatiors.

Frankly, anyone who thinks it’s fun to jump off of tall buildings deserves the title Bonehead, but here they are urban rebels sticking it to the man in Bonehead #1. Apart from those other hell-bent Boneheads engaging in their own personal internecine warfare.

The main Bonehead is a mysterious, non-vocal loner who may or may not have been someone called Blackdeath in a previous life. Bonehead #1 is basically Rollerball – the orginal, James Cann version, with, you know, balls, Stephen King’s The Running Man and Judge Dredd, rooled into one fat pegigere. But with a bit more care and consideration than you would expect by Bryan Hill and rendered with decent visuals from Rhoald Marcellius.

Bonehead #1: mindless violence without the mindless bit and something to say about the masses and consumption.


Reviewer: Gary Orchard
Reviews Editor: Steve Hooker


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