MIKE CONROY reveals SECRET ORIGINS exclusively for Multiverse

As you may know, among my various activities, I write the Behind the Scenes feature for Eaglemoss’s Classic Marvel Figurine Collection. If you don’t know CMFC, it’s a biweekly publication with each issue devoted to a single Marvel character and coming with a hand-painted lead statue of the relevant hero or villain. Generally my features focus on the creation of the character.

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Multiverse shop expands


From the team that brings you Multiverse.

Multiverse can now offer limited stock of the Comics International Star Trek Special. from the team that brings you Multiverse.

Available here from our online shop.




They’re coming back for seconds:

Flesh returns to 2000 AD


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A Multiverse Bookshop?

Not quite! We were doing some clearing out over the weekend when we found an unlabeled box lurking in the corner, it was a bit heavy but it did contain some books we’d been missing for a while. So thanks to the shifty looking box we now have stock for a book section [very limited stock… it wasn’t that big a box].

Apologies to our friends around the world, but these are the UK editions and are currently available only for shipping to the UK . Grab them fast, I doubt we’ll be getting [or finding] any more of them in the near future.

Legendary comics creator meets Multiverse crew

Marvel Universe co-founder Stan Lee is pictured at the London Super Comic Con on Saturday, February 25 at the end of his meeting with (from right to left). Multiverse publisher/editor Mike Conroy, Multiverse designer Barry Renshaw and Eagle Awards chair Cassandra Conroy. He’s flourishing the Multiverse poster created in his honour..

Sorry Canada

It has come to our attention that our shop plug-in was educationally disadvantaged. Having given it a crash course in High School geography, we are now confident that it will accept orders from Canada for both Subscriptions and Back Issues.

Apologies to any of our Canadian friends who have had problems attempting to place an order. If you encounter any further difficulties, please contact us and we will take the plug-in back to school! [again]

We’ve finally done it!

Welcome to the new Multiverse Magazine website [see I told you it would happen].

From today, we will be posting all press releases here, instead of onto Facebook, so keep coming back to find out what is happening in the world of comics. You can also like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter for notifications of new postings.

We have also installed an online shop, so that you can renew your subscription or order back issues of Multiverse more easily. We’re only taking PayPal at the moment, if this is an issue for you, drop us a line.

Further enhancements are planned for the future, so keep visiting!

Anyway we hope you like what we’ve done with the place, we do need to redecorate at some point but spring is here and we’re busy trying to sort the next issue out for you.