Book of Death

BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF HARBINGER #1 – On Sale September 30th!

A showdown. An apocalypse. An ending.

Many years from today, Peter Stanchek, the Renegades, the Harbinger Foundation, the Bleeding Monk, and Toyo Harada’s Imperium all reach their terminus, as the entire planet becomes the battlefield for the most devastating psionic combat humanity has ever seen. The Great Destroyer, long prophesied and foreseen, comes to Earth at last. Who will survive…and what will be left of them? Continue reading

BOOK OF DEATH #3 (of 4) – On Sale September 23rd!

The force behind the fall of the Valiant Universe stands revealed… There is no hope… Only MASTER DARQUE!

The terrible future chronicled in the Book of the Geomancer continues to reveal itself as an unexpected and untold player…Master Darque…emerges to make his bid for control of the Earth’s newest Geomancer! But does the reappearance of history’s most powerful necromancer mean an apocalyptic future has been avoided…or guaranteed? As the heroes of the Valiant Universe fall and nature itself turns on humanity, all that stands between the devastated planet and ultimate evil is the Earth’s undying Fist and Steel himself…Gilad Anni-Padda, the Eternal Warrior! Continue reading

BOOK OF DEATH: LEGENDS OF THE GEOMANCER #3 (of 4) – On Sale September 23rd!

Before BOOK OF DEATH…the coming of humanity’s first Geomancer continues!

Buried deep in a time long forgotten, the hero called Anni becomes history’s fi rst observer—and warrior—for the Earth. But what happens when the Earth just wants humanity dead? Fred Van Lente (IVAR, TIMEWALKER) and Juan José Ryp (NINJAK) finally tell the violent, untold story of the world’s first Geomancer! Continue reading

DIVINITY’s Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine Reunite for BOOK OF DEATH: THE FALL OF NINJAK #1 – Coming in August!

So let it be written, so let it be done… On August 26th, all-star creators Matt Kindt and Trevor Hairsine reveal Ninjak’s final mission in an all-new vision of the future ripped directly from the pages of BOOK OF DEATH! Continue reading

First Look: BOOK OF DEATH #1 – The Future Stands Revealed in the Epic Valiant Event of Summer 2015!

So let it be written… So let it be done… On July 15th, the next two thousand years of history collide with the most powerful heroes of today in the must-read event of the summer!

Valiant is proud to present your first look inside BOOK OF DEATH #1 (of 4) – the 40-page FIRST ISSUE of the blockbuster Valiant event of 2015 from New York Times best-selling writer Robert Venditti (X-O MANOWAR, Green Lantern) and the twin artistic talents of rising star Robert Gill (ARMOR HUNTERS: HARBINGER, Batgirl) and Valiant heavyweight Doug Braithwaite (ARMOR HUNTERS, Justice)! Continue reading