Todd McFarlane

It’s Good to Be Bad – Your New Look at VENOM #1!

This November, it’s good to be bad. From the far reaches of space the symbiote returns to the choked alleys and darkened streets of New York City in the all-new VENOM #1! Fan-Favorite creators Mike Costa (Web Warriors) and Gerardo Sandoval (New Avengers) spin an iconic new Venom tale for Marvel NOW!. No more “Agent of the Cosmos”, no more “Lethal Protector”. It’s time for a new Venom. But the question remains, who’s under the mask? More importantly – who’s in control? Find out as Venom begins anew on November 23rd in the highly anticipated debut of VENOM #1! Continue reading

SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE, nobody is safe

Todd McFarlane, President of Image Comics and creator of SPAWN took the industry by storm with the envelope-pushing parody one-shot SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE! written by McFarlane himself with art by J.J. Kirby. In order to keep up with increased customer demand, Image Comics has fast-tracked SPAWN KILLS EVERYONE! to a second printing.  Continue reading


SAVIOR by Todd McFarlane—one of the biggest names in comics—teams up with co-writer Brian Holguin (SPAWN, Mr. Majestic) and artist Clayton Crain (X-Force) for the new series SAVIOR, which launched to critical acclaim and fan enthusiasm. Continue reading

I is for…

Check out the new Spawn teaser from Image Comics, and see what I is for! Continue reading

Image Comics now available on Google Play!

Best-Selling Creator-Owned Comics THE WALKING DEAD, SAGA, And Many More Available Now!

Image Comics, the leading publisher of creator-owned comics, continues its mission to bring comics to readers around the world by announcing that Image Comics single issues and collections are now available on Google Play! Continue reading


Fans of Todd McFarlane who manage to pick up a copy of THE ART OF TODD MCFARLANE: THE DEVIL’S IN THE DETAILS will have something to be grateful for. The oversized, hardcover art book has sold out at the distribution level of all copies of its first print run, which was limited to 5,000 copies, 700 of which were signed-and-numbered editions.

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Spawn #221 Sells Out as McFarlane Returns‏


McFarlane returns to writing, cover credits


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SPAWN gets cute

A new look from Chris Giarrusso for McFarlane’s antihero


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Spawn pays tribute

Twenty-year history culminates in homage to Image titles

In 1992, Spawn, a new kind of superhero, stepped onto the comics stage under the banner of the newly formed Image Comics. Twenty years later, Todd McFarlane’s creation has become an iconic character in the superhero world, spawning into spin-offs, toys, an animated series, and a blockbuster movie…But the SPAWN comic book series has always been the center of that empire.

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